AG Biyoinformatik (AGB), is an R&D based consulting and informatics firm supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Bilkent University Cyberpark (Science and Technology Park). AGB mainly focuses on the microarray data analysis with a distinctive software that is currently being developed. Besides, AGB provides services for bioinformatics analysis, consultancy for research and software development. AG Bioinformatics' qualified team has a large repertoire of abilities such as

  • Using web-based bioinformatics tools
  • Effective utilization of biological databases
  • Mastering approaches, concepts, and assumptions of molecular biology and genetics
  • Comprehensive processing and analysis of microarray data
  • Being able to code in various software languages as well as utilizing bioinformatics-related packages/modules
  • Developing user-friendly software and web site interfaces
  • Offering fast and reliable solutions by combining engineering approaches with scientific concepts

These qualifications establish the background of AGB's excellent service quality and make AGB unique in Turkey.